SC 6 Northwest Palawan

SC 6 Northwest Palawan

Forum Energy holds interests in two of the three contract areas under SC 6, namely SC 6A Octon Block and SC 6B Bonita Block.

SC6A Octon

PXP Energy Corporation: 5.56%

Forum Energy Philippines Corporation: 5.56%

SC 6A Octon covers an area of 1,080 square kilometres and contains the Octon field that was discovered in January 1991 and appraised in April 1992. The discovery well was tested and yielded 1,816 barrels of oil and 1.8 million cubic feet of gas.

In late 2013, 48.7 line-km of 2D and 508 square kilometres of 3D data were acquired over the block. The latest work program over the block is the reprocessing of the 2013 seismic data and quantitative interpretation study.

SC6B Bonita

Forum Energy Philippines Corporation: 7.031%

SC 6B Bonita covers an area of 533 square kilometres adjacent to SC 6 Cadlao—a field that came on stream in 1981 and produced around 11 million barrels of oil. SC 6B contains the Bonita field, discovered in 1989, and yielded 765 to 2,107 barrels per day of oil during testing. The results of a technical evaluation of the block show that the geological feature East Cadlao would be prospective if developed together with the Cadlao Field production area. In this light, the SC 6B Consortium requested for a re-configuration of SC 6B to include the Cadlao Field production area. This request is still under process with the DOE.